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My PlaySmart

Why are slot machines so fun? Because they’re unpredictable. Every spin could be the next big winner—and the fact that you can’t control what’s happening is exciting.

So exciting in fact, that it’s easy to get caught up in the action. That’s why we created My PlaySmart, the easy-to-use tool that let’s players call the shots for their slots.

How Does My PlaySmart Work?

Players can access My PlaySmart at select casinos through their loyalty card, or by signing up for a separate My PlaySmart card.

By accessing My PlaySmart from a loyalty card you can earn rewards and have complete control over your time and money—your play, your way.

Once enrolled, you can walk up to any slot machine and set budget reminders for:

  • The amount of time you want to play daily
  • The amount of money you want to spend

You’ll also get to choose what happens when you reach 100% of your time or money budget. Either:

  • Continue playing and collect points
  • Disable your player card for the gaming day

After you’re set up, you can play as usual, receiving occasional My PlaySmart reminders on how much time or money you’ve spent playing.

Why Sign Up for My PlaySmart?

  • Empowering: it puts control of your game in your hands
  • Easy to use: setting up your profile and budgets only take a few quick steps
  • Convenient: it’s built directly into casino loyalty programs or can be accessed on its own

No matter how often you play, or how much time or money you choose to spend, My PlaySmart is the perfect tool for any slot player wanting to personalize their game.

What casinos have My PlaySmart?

Eventually all Ontario casinos will have My PlaySmart. Here’s where you can find it now:

  • Gateway Casinos Innisfil
  • Shorelines Casino Belleville
  • Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands
  • Gateway Casinos Clinton
  • Shorelines Casino Peterborough
  • Rideau Carleton Casino (Ottawa)
  • Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs
  • Gateway Casinos Thunder Bay

So, the next time you’re headed to one of the casinos above, personalize your slot play and get ultimate control by signing up for My PlaySmart!

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