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How to play POINT SPREAD

POINT SPREAD is a sports lottery game that lets you bet on whether your chosen teams will cover or beat the “spread”. Wager on a minimum of 2 events and up to a maximum of 12 events.

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A POINT SPREAD is the number of points by which a favoured team is expected to beat the underdog. This type of game lets you bet on the losing team and still win.

Here’s what a Football POINT SPREAD might look like if Dallas were playing Pittsburgh:

Dallas -6
Pittsburgh +6

In this example, Dallas is expected to win over Pittsburgh by more than 6 points. Dallas is the favourite, as shown by the (-) value in front of the 6. As the underdogs in this scenario, Pittsburgh is represented by the (+) value and have been given a 6-point head start.

If the final score is Dallas 21, Pittsburgh 17, then Pittsburgh’s adjusted score is 23 points (17 + 6 = 23). With an adjusted score higher than Dallas’ real score of 21, Pittsburgh has covered the spread. If you had bet on Pittsburgh, it would be a correct selection.

However, if the final score is Dallas 21, Pittsburgh 6, then Pittsburgh’s adjusted score is 12 points (6 + 6 = 12). In this scenario, Dallas beat the spread, winning by more than 6 points, and a Pittsburgh pick would result in an incorrect selection for this specific event.

Alternatively, if Dallas wins by exactly 6, then their points equals the spread number exactly, resulting in a PUSH.

Finally, if Pittsburgh wins the game outright, they would automatically beat the spread because they have a 6 point head start. In this case, if you had bet on Pittsburgh, it would be a correct selection.


When playing POINT SPREAD, the event list will only show the spread as it relates to the team favoured to win, expressed as (-).

How to play POINT SPREAD in 5 steps

  • A hand holding a series of dollar bills

    Set your play budget. The best way to play is to always bet with money you can afford to lose.

  • Game equipment signifying different sports with a checkmark beside a hockey puck

    Choose your sport. Check the Event List at PRO•, on the PRO•LINE App, or at your OLG retailer to choose the sport you want to wager.

  • Three stacks of money in bill form (low wager, medium wager and high wager) with a check mark next to the middle option

    Select your wager. You can bet as little as $2 and as much as $100 per ticket, per day.

  • A completed POINT SPREAD selection slip showing various selection boxes coloured in

    Make your predictions. Using the selection slip at your OLG retailer or the PRO•LINE App, predict whether your team will cover or beat the spread.

  • A hand holds up a lottery ticket

    Buy your ticket. Take your completed selection slip or PRO•LINE App picks to your OLG retailer to buy your ticket. Be sure to cheer on your teams!

1. Set your play budget

Savvy sports bettors know there’s no way to guarantee a win. That’s why they set aside a play budget and only use money they can afford to lose. To do this, set aside a separate play budget and think of it as money you would spend on entertainment. Like tickets to a game.

2. Choose your sport

POINT SPREAD offers wagering on American and Canadian Professional Football, Professional Hockey, Professional Baseball, College Football, Professional Basketball, and American College Basketball. You can view the sports list online at PRO•, by using the PRO•LINE App, or at an OLG retailer.

A collection of game equipment featuring a football, a hockey puck, and a basketball

Matchup Stats are available to assist you with your picks. This information can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of each game on the sports list. Matchup Stats display information like ballpark stats, player performance, head-to-head details, recent trends and more.


Upsets can happen in sports. While the information provided in Matchup Stats can help you make your picks, they cannot predict or guarantee a specific outcome.

3. Select your wager

You can wager a minimum of $2 and a daily maximum of $100 on each POINT SPREAD ticket.

4. Make your selections

A hand holds up a smartphone displaying the PROLINE APP on the screen

In order for your POINT SPREAD ticket to be valid, you must select between 2 and 12 events to wager. You can use the selection slip at your OLG retailer or use the PRO•LINE App to make your picks.


All POINT SPREAD selections on a ticket must be from the same sport. Players can combine American and Canadian Professional Football on one ticket, but can’t combine College Football with Professional Football.

Breaking down the Selection Slip

The POINT SPREAD selection slip

Step 1:
Select the number of events on which you wish to wager. You can choose anywhere between 2 and 12 events.
Step 2:
Make your predictions.
Step 3:
Select the amount you wish to wager.

5. Buy your ticket

A hand holds up a POINT SPREAD ticket

When you’ve completed your selections, fill in the total number of events you’ve wagered in the box to the left of the selection slip. If you’re using the PRO•LINE App to make your selections, simply show it to your OLG retailer when buying your ticket.

An OLG ticket scanner scans a POINT SPREAD ticket barcode

How do I know if I’ve won?

To find out if you’re a winner, check your ticket in one of the following four ways:
1. Scan the ticket barcode using the ticket checker at a participating OLG retailer
2. Ask a participating retailer to scan the ticket barcode using the lottery terminal
3. View winning results by event at PRO•
4. Scan ticket barcode using the OLG App

Check event results at PRO•

A question mark

There is no clear winner. Now what?

In sports, the rules of the game make it clear who wins and who loses. In POINT SPREAD, there are additional factors that affect whether your bet is a winner including tie outcomes, PUSH results, or if an event is postponed or cancelled. As with any game of chance, the more you know about how to play POINT SPREAD, the better informed you’ll be when making your predictions.

View wagering rules for POINT SPREAD

How much can I win?

The more outcomes you correctly wager on, the more money you can win. Payouts start at 1.25 times your wager. The most you can win is 1000 times your wager for successfully predicting 12 out of 12 outcomes.


You may be tempted to bet more in hopes of winning more. But remember, no outcome is ever guaranteed and the more money you wager, the more you stand to lose.

How to claim your prize

A dollar bill is exchanged between two sets of hands

You can claim your prize, up to a certain amount of money, at your local OLG retailer. Prizes over the amounts redeemable at individual retailers must be collected at the OLG Prize Centre.

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