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POINT SPREAD Wagering Rules

What is a PUSH?

In POINT SPREAD, favoured teams must win by more than the given spread number. A PUSH occurs when the difference in points equals the spread number. Let’s say in a Football game Dallas is playing Pittsburgh and Dallas is favoured to win by a 6 POINT SPREAD:

Dallas -6
Pittsburgh +6

If the final score is Dallas 12, Pittsburgh 6, when we adjust for the POINT SPREAD, the final score becomes 12-12 (Dallas 12, Pittsburgh 6 + 6 = 12). This effectively results in a tie and the “PUSHED” game is removed from your payout calculation. For example, if a Player selected 6 events and 2 of them result in a PUSH, then the number of selected events will be reduced to four and the potential payout will be based on the remaining 4 events.

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What if an event is postponed/cancelled?

Whenever an event offered for wagering is considered incomplete by OLG, it will no longer be factored into the potential prize payout for a ticket that includes that event. In this case, your potential payout is then based on the remaining events on your ticket.

See POINT SPREAD Game Conditions at PRO• for full details.

Why is my event suspended/closed?

OLG reserves the right to suspend or close wagering on an event to preserve the integrity of POINT SPREAD. Suspended/closed events can no longer be wagered on, but if you made a bet before the event was suspended/closed, it will be honoured.

What happens to my ticket if every event is cancelled?

If every event wagered is deemed to be incomplete, cancelled, or results in a PUSH, players will receive a refund for the amount wagered. Simply visit your OLG retailer to be refunded.