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POOLS Wagering Rules

How is a win determined?

A scoreboard showing a time of 3:08 shows the H team with 2 points and the V team with 3 points

The winner of an event is the team with the higher number of points. If at the end of Regulation Play (or Extra Play, if any), both teams are tied and the winner is not determined by shoot out, then the Visitor team is deemed the winner of that event by default.

When wagering on car racing, the Home or Visiting team with the higher finishing position is deemed the winner. However, in the event of a tie, or if no team has a finishing position, the team with the most completed laps wins.

For more information see POOLS Game Conditions.

What happens in the event of a tie?

Since it’s generally considered more difficult to win when playing away rather than playing at home, POOLS credits a win to the designated Visitor (V) when there is a tie between teams or participants.

A question mark hovers over a hockey puck, a basketball and a football

Why is my event suddenly cancelled?

There are times when an event may be cancelled. This can occur when games aren’t completed in regulation play, if the event commences before the wagering cut-off or if the teams listed do not play on the original date of the game. In this case, both teams are credited with a win.

See the POOLS Game Conditions at PRO• for full details.

A POOLS ticket

How a cancellation affects a ticket

If a game on your POOLS Card is cancelled or incomplete, and the event cannot be removed from the Card, both Visitor and Home outcomes are considered wins. If events are removed and there are 6 or fewer events remaining on a POOLS Card, then the Card is cancelled and players’ wagers are refunded.

To get a refund, simply bring your eligible ticket to your OLG retailer.