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PRO•LINE Wagering Rules

What is a PUSH?

What happens if the outcome is a “PUSH”?

What is a PUSH?

A “PUSH” occurs when the combined total points of the Home team and the Visitor team in a completed event matches the Over/Under number exactly.

What happens if the outcome is a “PUSH”?

When an event is considered to be a “PUSH”, both Over and Under selections are considered correct outcomes and the odds for that event will be changed to 1.00. For example, if you bet $2 on either the Over or the Under option and the result is a PUSH, you win $2.

What happens in the event of a tie?

In sports, a tie outcome is typically defined as an even score on both sides. However, when playing PRO•LINE, it’s important to know that for some sports, Tie Rules may vary. For example, in Football, a PRO•LINE tie occurs when the game is decided by 3 points or less.

In Baseball, a PRO•LINE tie occurs when the outcome of the game is within one run. In the event of a tie outcome in Baseball, both a visitor and home pick would be considered correct. To see the PRO•LINE Tie Rules associated with each sport, be sure to view the PRO•LINE Tie Rules.

See PRO•LINE Tie Rules

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Why is my event suddenly cancelled?

There are instances where OLG will deem an event incomplete. This can happen when games aren’t completed during regulation play, if the event commences before the cut-off time for wagering, or if the teams listed for the Event List do not play on the original game date.

See the PRO•LINE Game Conditions at PRO• to learn more.

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How a cancellation affects a ticket

Should an event you’ve selected be cancelled or deemed incomplete, the outcomes for that event (Visitor Win, Home Win, Tie, Visitor+ Win, Home+ Win, Over and Under) will be assigned an odds value of 1.00 and considered to be a correct result. Your ticket remains valid as long as the remaining events are correct.

Why is my event suspended/closed?

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OLG reserves the right to suspend or close wagering on an event to preserve the integrity of PRO•LINE. When this occurs, players can no longer wager on that event. If you’ve made a wager before the event was suspended/closed, that wager will be honoured.