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Bingo Strategies

Ready to play Bingo? Good manners always make a trip to the Bingo Centre way more fun. Here are a few things to know about what’s expected before you go:

Be a good sport

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No shouting, complaining or foul language, please and thank you.

And please be respectful of the caller; it doesn’t help any situation when players give the caller a hard time. If there is an issue, such as calls that are too fast or not loud enough to hear, politely ask for a slower pace or louder calls.

If that doesn’t work, check in with the Bingo manager.

Feel free to yell Bingo!

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The only time to yell is when you have Bingo. Go right ahead, because if nobody hears you, it won’t count. And do yell Bingo as soon as the number is called. If you wait until the caller starts announcing the next ball, it will be too late. Don’t miss out on a single chance to win!

Choose the Right Room

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Many Bingo sites feature two rooms – one that can get loud and another reserved for quieter play. Pick the quieter room if you find the noise distracting.


To be sure to see and hear every combination called, sit close to the caller, or a flashboard.

Sharing Cards

Two people touching the same bingo cards.

Sharing cards is not allowed, but if you want help with your cards, other players may help while playing their own cards.


Hearts over a chair.

Want your favourite seats? Be sure your group arrives early, since saving seats isn't allowed.