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Can You Improve the Odds of Winning with Scratch Tickets?

Instant scratch tickets are one of the most popular lottery games to play in Ontario. You know the ones we’re talking about, right? Crossword Deluxe. Bingo Multiplier. Plinko. The Bigger Spin. The list goes on. You’ll find all of them in a display case typically located on the counter at gas stations and local convenience, grocery, or drug stores, and they give you a chance to win prizes instantly (hence their name). What’s more, there are dozens of themes to pick from, each with a unique prize structure. But the question remains: is there anything you can do to actually improve the odds of winning when you play?

How to Play Instant Scratch Tickets

Before we go deep, let’s start with the basics of how to play an Instant scratch ticket. The short explanation is that you scratch to reveal the ticket’s hidden numbers or symbols, and match them to win. Pretty simple. And to help verify any wins, you can use the OLG app to scan your Instant scratch ticket, just like you would a lottery ticket.

However, every Instant scratch game is different. And there are three things to think about when picking one you want to play. The first is prize amounts, as different games feature different prizes. With some, you can win up to $50,000, while others could make you an instant millionaire. Price is the second thing to consider, with tickets ranging from $2 to $100. Lastly is play style: some games are meant to be played fast with a single scratch area, and others take more time with multiple scratch areas that make playing more suspenseful.

Scratch Tickets: Positive Play Habits

Positive play habits may not increase your odds of winning with scratch tickets, but they are still something that should be top of mind every time you play to ensure you keep the fun in your game.

For starters, start by setting a budget for yourself. Think of this as your “entertainment budget.” After all, while Instant tickets are entertaining, they are also often impulse buys – so keeping a detailed record of your spending and wins will help you stick to your budget.

Another thing to consider is to not chase a loss. In other words, buying more tickets will not help you win back the money you spent on a ticket that didn’t win. While the overall odds of winning any prize on an Instant ticket vary, they are approximately 1 in 3. This does not mean one ticket of every three is a guaranteed winner. Also consider that tickets are randomly distributed, so while buying more tickets at different stores may be a fun way to crank up your car mileage, it won’t improve your odds.

The last thing we want to add here is that Instant tickets are meant to be fun. Some will win. And others will lose. Every ticket presents a chance to enjoy the thrill of the instant win.

Smart Tips to Play Instant Scratch Tickets

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to get into something that may help improve your odds of winning a top prize. The secret? It’s not a secret!

Did you know that you can see which games still have top prizes available to be won? It’s true. Every day, OLG records the number of claimed and unclaimed prizes for each individual ticket for you to see here. So if you check the website before buying an Instant ticket, you’ll see which games still have more prizes available to be won.

While we can’t help you improve the odds of winning with Instant scratch tickets, we can help improve the fun and excitement you experience every time you play. Make sure to check out our PlaySmart page for more ways to set yourself up for success. Happy scratching!