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Casino Design & You

Whether it’s road signs telling us when to safely cross a street, products arranged on supermarket shelves or the layout of online casino games, design plays an important factor in how we act and make decisions. From colours that catch the eye, to sounds that turn our heads or the way we move through an environment, established psychological principles inform the way we react to things.

When it comes to gambling, the psychology of design can heighten the excitement of a visit to a physical casino, or streamline the experience of an online casino, making either experience fun and enjoyable. Let’s take a look at a few examples of how design helps “colour” the gambling experience.

Green or red card tables?

You may have noticed that card tables, whether in physical or online casinos, are usually green or red. Why? There are a few theories. For one, in Western culture, green is considered a symbol of prosperity. In many Eastern cultures, red symbolizes the same. A separate theory maintains that the colour green represents stability by offering a balance between hot colours like orange or red, and cool colours like blue and purple. Green is also said to make players feel relaxed and better able to focus on the game at hand.

Chillax, you’re in casino mode

Another feature of today’s casinos are layouts that help to heighten the play experience. In physical casinos, you might notice that as you enter, slot machines are placed up front to ramp up the excitement of a fun evening, with poker rooms and table games closer to the back, to afford players some privacy and allow for better concentration.

To bounce or not to bounce

When it comes to online casinos, the idea is the same: give players a fun environment to enjoy their games. While the flashing lights and music of slots might attract players to a casino floor, too many animations or flashing visuals can cause online players to “bounce” away to find a different site. Game designers know that in order to keep their bounce-rate low, everything from a warm colour scheme to easy navigation and intuitive betting can go a long way.

Wired for sound!

There’s a reason the sounds of spinning slot reels and clicking roulette wheels made the leap from the physical to digital realm—they create an immediate sense of anticipation. We may not even realize what a big role sound has in making the play experience feel special, and how much effort goes into designing it that way. Music choices fit in here as well, keeping us engaged and in the mood for fun.

Play for fun, always

Overall, when it comes to gambling in a physical or online casino, it’s interesting to know how design can influence your experience, and important to consider how it might impact the decisions you make while playing. Keep entertainment top of mind, stick to your budget and let the fun begin.

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