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Folding on fraud online

Fact: Whether you’re hiring a duct-cleaning service, taking a car in for repairs, or gambling online, no one wants to fall for a fraudulent offer. To avoid that when choosing an online casino, a little research can go a long way. Whether by browsing online reviews or by reading up on industry publications, some due diligence can make the difference between a relaxing time online, or a frustrating time dealing with fraudsters.

To help you know what to look out for, we’ve put together a quick list of the 5 tips you can use to protect your deposits, earnings and identity when gambling online:

1. When trying out a new casino, start with a trial deposit

This tip comes into play when you’re trying out a new online casino you aren’t sure you can trust. Making only a small trial deposit could protect you from big losses if you find yourself at the unlucky end of deposit theft. While relatively rare, reports do circulate online about nefarious online casinos taking people’s deposits, then locking them out of their accounts. If you’re thinking about joining a new casino, and they’re really pumping the idea of making a large initial deposit, do a little research. To be safe, consider playing with sites that are backed by a government body and have plenty of player protection—like

2. Read the terms and conditions

Before making a deposit with a new online casino, take time to read the terms and conditions before clicking “I accept” (hey, we’ve all been there). Dishonest operators may hide predatory conditions inside the terms to give them loopholes for refusal to pay winnings, keep deposits, etc. Remember, other online casinos may operate out of jurisdictions with looser gambling laws than those in Ontario.

3. Only download gambling apps from casinos you trust

Gambling apps can make the process of gambling online a lot easier than the browser version. Which is why many casinos offer them as a way to enhance the experience. Unfortunately, they can also be a great way for hackers to install ransomware. Ransomware are programs that take over your computer or device, locking them until you pay the hackers responsible. To try and reduce the risk, be especially mindful of apps you download directly from gaming websites, rather than from an app store like Apple’s or Google Play.

4. Read consumer reviews

Think about the last time you ordered something online, chose a restaurant for dinner, or searched for a new mechanic. Chances are that before you made your selection, you read a series of consumer reviews online. Before venturing into the world of online gambling, doing a little digging into other people’s experiences can help make your own a positive one.

5. Gamble with government-sanctioned casinos

With so many gambling options online these days, it can be difficult to choose which one to go with. A good rule to consider, is only playing with online casinos sanctioned by a government, like those offered by OLG. These casinos are governed by Canadian and provincial law, and as such ensure you’re protected from identity theft or any of the risks outlined above.

With these tips in your playbook, you’re ready for an exciting gambling experience. Keep things light, keep things fun, and above all, keep things safe. Happy playing!