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Online Casinos: From Smartphone to PlaySmart

Imagine this: a time when smartphones (and online casinos, for that matter) didn’t exist. Not to sound, well, “old,” but the fancy tech we have today wasn’t always around, ready at a moment’s notice to Google an answer or Shazam a song. And it wasn’t that long ago that it didn’t exist.

So take a trip back in time with us as we unpack not only where PlaySmart began, but also how smartphones themselves came to be the choice of more online players.

Smartphone. Smarter Design.

We’re at the point now where more Canadians use their smartphones over their computers to jump online. This makes a mobile-first ecosystem a top priority for everyone who has a presence on the web, from app developers, to companies, to online game providers. Therefore, web designers must think about mobile-first design as a priority. This is where optimization comes in: making sure the experience people have online (i.e., user experience, or UX) is the best it can be.

For starters, websites have to be easy to navigate, fast to load, and visually appealing on smaller screens. Mobile-friendly web designs including “like” buttons and page navigation must be thought out too. Here, UX designers focus on creating responsive designs that can adapt to different screen sizes by optimizing images, using appropriate font sizes, and ensuring that all content is easy to read and interact with.

Playing Online with OLG

With more Ontarians using their smartphones than ever before, we’ve seen a meteoric rise in the number of players who game with us. According to a January 2023 Ipsos report, “30% of Canadians reported playing casino games through an app or website.” And it’s easy to understand why. Online gaming gives them not only convenience (they don’t need to drive to a physical casino), but also comfort as they can play almost anywhere they want. User-friendly design also makes it so that even first-timers can build their play confidence. And payment options are streamlined for easy and secure transfers, while also offering players customized features like the ability to set deposit limits. But with all these great advancements comes the need for great responsibility.

PlaySmart and Playing Casino Games Online

As more people picked up their smartphones to play OLG games, new ways to personalize play were built by the PlaySmart program. They’re called My PlaySmart Tools, and today they offer players a way to personalize their play to keep the fun where it belongs: in the game!

  1. My Play Customizer. With it, players get full control to customize their time and money budgets, making it easier to stick to a plan.
  2. My Play Profile. It offers nine simple questions about a player’s habits to help reveal what kind of play is best for them.
  3. My Play History tool. Here, players can find personalized feedback about their play patterns. This is important as it’ll help them make better decisions when playing.
  4. My PlayBreak tool. When playing isn’t feeling fun (and fun is the point, right?), players can choose to take a break, for a day or even up to 3 months. And if more time on the sidelines is needed, the My PlayBreak program offers a more comprehensive set of tools that help the people who need it most. It offers additional guidance and support like longer self-exclusion times (up to 5 years) and the ability to get check-ins from the Responsible Gambling Council.

To learn more about all the ways PlaySmart has your back when gaming on your smartphone (talk about a power couple), check out our My PlaySmart page.