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The Right Tools for the Game

My PlaySmart

Nowadays, many of us use tracking tools to help us make smarter decisions and stick to our goals. Using a fitness tracker to reach your daily step goal or using an online banking app to track your monthly spending and savings are just a couple of examples. These tools make it easier to accomplish our goals.

Tools for online gaming are no different. Whether playing on PlayOLG or elsewhere, these tools can give you an advantage, helping to keep track of your online play experience and keep things fun.

To take online gambling tools to the next level, PlaySmart has built a set for PlayOLG that helps players customize their play. These tools allow players to set specific play times, budgets, discover play habits, and take breaks from gambling.

Here’s a quick run-down of the My PlaySmart Tools you can find on

  • My Limits: Personalize your play experience by setting your own time and money budgets.
  • My Self-Check: Answer 9 simple questions to better understand what type of player you are.
  • My Risk Profile: Get personalized feedback about your gaming habits to help keep your time on PlayOLG fun.
  • My Breaks: Since there isn’t a closing time to playing at home, My PlaySmart helps you step away when you want a break. So, whether it’s one day or three months, you can come back feeling refreshed and in control.

The tools are free and allow you to control and cater your PlayOLG experience to your play style. Take advantage and personalize your play, your way!

Learn more about My PlaySmart here.