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How PROLINE In-Store Odds Work

PROLINE In-Store odds are set using algorithms that are based on a range of factors including industry odds and overall betting action, and they’re monitored by a team of sports analysts. You bet with, or against those odds. Whether it’s who will win, or if the total score will be Over/Under a certain amount, you’re choosing one of two or more options. Each option has assigned odds reflecting the likelihood of that result occurring, which also indicate your potential payout. If the odds show something is less likely to take place, the potential payout on that bet will be higher—the greater the risk, the higher the potential reward. If a team is the favourite to win, or some other outcome is more likely to occur, a bet on that outcome will pay out less.


Betting with the expectation of winning can lead to chasing a loss. Play to add some fun to your favourite games, but always keep your budget in mind.

How to read sports betting odds & payouts

Every betting choice on PROLINE has odds associated with it. This tells you which bet is more likely to win, and what the payout could be if it does. Let’s look at the decimal odds and how they work.

Decimal Betting Odds

A decimal figure like 1.22 or 4.20 on a betting line means you’re dealing with decimal odds. These are relatively easy to calculate. The amount in the decimal figure indicates your potential payout and whether you’re betting on the favourite or underdog.

  • Payouts are calculated by multiplying your wager amount with the decimal odds. E.g., A winning $10 bet with 2.0 odds pays $20 (including the original bet).
  • The higher number is the underdog, or the less likely outcome. Since it’s less likely to occur, the payout is greater if it does. A riskier bet with a higher potential reward.
  • The lower number is the favourite, or more likely outcome. Since it’s expected, the payout is less.

Here’s an example, using a simple Moneyline bet (a bet on who will win):

A event list table is shown with various markets available where Team 1 is Toronto and Team 2 is Utah. Within the table are odds for Moneyline, Point Spread and Over/Under. On the left, it shows that Moneyline odds for Team 1 is 4.20, with odds for Team 2 being 1.22. The assigned Point Spread shown in the middle is 9.5. Team 1 has a Point Spread of +9.5, with odds of 1.90. Team 2 has a Point Spread of -9.5, with odds of 1.88. Finally, the assigned Over/Under score is 213.5 where Team 1 has the odds of 1.75 and Team 2 has the odds of 2.05.

Toronto is the underdog against the favourite Utah. A $10 Moneyline bet looks like this:

  • Toronto: With 4.2 odds, a winning $10 bet returns $42 (4.2 x 10 = 42.00, including the original bet)
  • Utah: With 1.22 odds, a winning $10 bet returns 12.20 (1.22 x 10 = 12.20, including the original bet)

How odds are determined

A group of sports analysts are shown calculating odds.

PROLINE In-Store odds are set using algorithms that are based on a range of factors including industry odds and overall betting action, and they’re monitored by a team of sports analysts. When building your bet, remember that PROLINE In-Store odds are dynamic and can be affected by in-game actions, environmental and external factors, and the level of betting activity on a particular game or market. Odds may change after an event is listed, but once you’ve made a bet, it’s locked into what the odds were at the time of purchase. No matter the odds, there are no guaranteed outcomes when it comes to sports gambling. Anything can happen.

Can I increase my odds of winning?

It is possible to increase your odds of winning to some extent by increasing the number of betting combinations you play, to cover all possibilities.

While this may seem like a good strategy, the costs of additional bets will be subtracted from any potential winnings and can put you over your play budget. And of course, no matter how likely something might seem based on the odds, you have no control over the outcome and no guarantees it will take place.

Dynamic odds

Dynamic odds are new to PROLINE In-Store. Sometimes, an event’s odds might change after it was first posted on an event list. If this happens, your bets will remain locked in at the odds posted at the time of purchase, and the updated odds will be bolded on your receipt for information purposes only. For in-store players, dynamic odds mean fewer events are cancelled.

How are odds displayed?

A section of the event list with market odds is shown.

Odds for PROLINE In-Store events are included in the Event List found at OLG retailers, or on the PROLINE App or website. Moneyline, Point Spread, and Over/Under market outcomes will always have their odds displayed, unless any are not being offered for a particular event. If the odds have changed since the event list was first posted, the new odds will be bolded on your ticket.

How to check odds

A hand is shown holding up a phone that says “Odds” with various lines on two sides (Team 1 versus Team 2) representing the Odds across a number of events under PROLINE.

You can find the odds of any PROLINE event by checking the Event List at an OLG retailer, or on the PROLINE App. and the PROLINE App let you build bets for PROLINE in-store betting. They are different from PROLINE+, OLG’s online sports offering.