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Most table games played at casinos, there is an expectation that players follow certain unwritten rules around etiquette.

If you’re unfamiliar with these rules, there’s no need to worry. Everyone is there to have fun and the crew won’t hesitate to help you out.

Uttering the word “seven”

This long-held superstition holds no weight in terms of affecting the outcome of a roll, but if you’re standing near a craps table, it’s best to avoid saying it. Players believe it’s bad luck and you may even negatively impact the table’s morale.


Dealer at a table holding a stick with a ! thought bubble.

When the stickman calls out “Dice are out”, this is your cue to get your hands out of the way, assuming you’re not the shooter.

Keep drinks away from the rail

This includes not holding your drink over the rail. The excitement of the game can result in getting jostled and spilling your drink on the felt.

Don't touch the numbers

Craps dealers keep a lockdown on parts of the table. Remember, players are only allowed to place chips on the bets in front of them: the pass and don’t pass bets, the come, don’t come, field and Big 6/8. Any bet in the numbered squares requires a dealer’s assistance.

Handle the dice with one hand only

A hand holding out two dice.

When your turn comes to shoot, never use two hands - and keep the dice where the crew can see them.

Do your best to toss a valid throw

Two dice.

Toss the dice so they hit the far wall of the table and bounce off. This move ensures a random outcome and is considered a valid throw. Also, don’t toss the dice too high or too soft, and keep the arc lower than the tallest player at the table.

Preserve the decorum of the craps table

  • Keep your hands to yourself, don’t dangle them over the table.
  • Make sure your bets are placed before the shooter has the dice.
  • Always wait until the shooter has made his point to cash out.
  • When a shooter sevens out, take it in stride. A loss is eventual – no one shoots forever – and if you remain within your budget, it’s all part of the fun.