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Easy to Play – Just Pick Your Numbers

Fun and social – it’s one of the oldest games at the casino. Plus, all that glitz and glamour!

Roulette Etiquette for Players

Pointers on joining a roulette game, betting around other players and leaving a roulette table.

The Croupier is Your Friend

The croupier is the roulette dealer who facilitates the game.

The croupier (dealer) is on your side. They are there to assist you and answer your questions. On a crowded night, let the croupier assist you on laying your bets across the table.

How to Join a Game

You can join a game anytime the ball has landed and the croupier has finished paying off winning bets from the previous round. Watch out for a clear plastic piece called a dolly. If it’s sitting on the table, you can’t join the game… just yet.


  • Because players place their own bets on the table, and multiple bets can be placed on the same spot, things can get a little close as everyone tries to get their bets down
  • This is just part of the game but if it feels too chaotic for you, try a quieter table
  • If a player is in your way, speak with them directly or ask the croupier to assist


If you’re not having fun betting alongside someone in particular, you can always change tables. It’s supposed to be fun, right?

It can get a little too close for comfort as everyone places their bets

The Etiquette of Placing Bets

If someone else’s chips already cover the bet you want to place, don’t worry, it’s okay to stack your chips on top of theirs. The croupier can keep track since each player has a unique chip colour for the table.


Sometimes when you’re all caught up in the thrill of the win, it’s tempting to do a victory lap. But celebrating your win in a way that’s respectful to those who may be down a few rounds shows grace, right? And, if you’re losing, try not to hold the croupier responsible for your losses. Roulette is a game of pure chance, so it’s not their fault.

The art of winning gracefully

Leaving a Table

When you’re ready to leave a table do not bring the roulette chips from that table to any other – they will be worthless, even at other roulette tables.


Chips are specific to each table.