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Placing inside bets


  • Placing “inside bets” involves betting on specific numbers on the wheel. You place your chips on one or more numbers on the table that correspond with numbers on the wheel where you think the ball may land
  • Inside bets have lower odds but much higher payouts, as high as 35:1
Placing outside bets


  • There are more options than just betting on numbers. “Outside bets” allow you to bet on whether the winning number is high or low, odd or even, red or black, or part of the first, second or third dozen number groupings
  • Outside bets have better odds but lower payouts – 1:1 (even-money) or 2:1
payout odds


The payout odds for each type of bet can vary greatly.

How to Make a Bet

Players usually place their own bets, but the croupier can do it for you if you can’t reach the spot on the table.


Try to sit at the middle of the table so you can reach anywhere on the table to place your bet.


It’s on you to ensure you’ve placed your bet properly in the right position on the table. Otherwise you may not win.

When You Can and Can’t Place Bets

Place your roulette bets until the Croupier says no more bets

At the beginning of play:

Once the croupier removes the clear plastic piece called a dolly from the table, you can begin to place bets. You can continue betting even while the ball spins around the wheel. When the croupier announces, “no more bets”, you must stop placing bets and touching your chips on the table.

Don’t place bets while the clear plastic dolly piece is on the table

After the winning number is announced:

The croupier will place the dolly on top of the winning number on the table. In most casinos, you can only place bets once all players’ bets are paid out and the dolly is removed – that’s the signal. Then the next round of betting will begin. Some casinos may have different house rules that let you bet in specific areas once the dolly is down. Pay attention to your croupier’s instructions, and if you’re unsure – just ask.


Don’t place your bets before the dolly is removed. This is a frequent mistake made by players.