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Break Open Tickets
Break Open Tickets

How do break open ticket odds work?

Break open tickets have a predetermined ticket count, and a definite payout amount which is separate from bingo session prizes.

The odds of winning are based on two factors:

  1. The number of tickets printed for a game and,
  2. The number of prizes available for that game.

For example: If there are 1260 tickets printed and 130 prizes available for one game, the overall odds of winning any prize would be 1 in 9.7. Keep in mind, each type of break open ticket is unique and prizes and odds can differ between them.

Will more tickets increase my odds?

stack of break open tickets sits beside a stack of dollar bills.

Because there is a defined number of break open tickets and number of prizes, it is possible to increase your odds by buying more tickets. Keep in mind, each ticket you buy, increases your cost to play. And, there’s no guarantee you’ll win.

Do some tickets have better odds?

A question mark hovers over a stack of break open tickets.

The odds of winning a prize depend on the number of tickets available and the number of prizes. For example, Bingo Bonus Balls tickets have a count of 760 tickets and that includes 85 winning tickets, making the overall odds of winning any prize approximately 1 in 8.9. Similarly, Super Dab Bingo tickets have a count of 1260 tickets and that includes 130 winning tickets. The odds of buying a winning ticket are approximately 1 in 9.7.


Purchasing more tickets might increase your odds, but it also increases your cost to play. Be sure to stick to your entertainment budget

How the odds change

As break open tickets are sold, tickets bought are removed from the available pool of tickets which ultimately, affects the overall odds of winning a prize.