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Play on Demand
Play on Demand

How to Play POD games

Play on Demand (POD) games are electronic quick-play games you can play independently, in between bingo sessions, at intermission, or even during live Bingo games. They’re a fun easy way to play your games, your way, any time.

Object of the game

A bingo hall table with POD terminal screens

POD games are played on an eBingo player device, however, unlike traditional bingo, which is played against other players, POD games are played against the computer. The outcomes are unpredictable and the odds of winning never change.

How to Play POD Games in 5 easy steps

  • Dollar signs signifying expense level with a check mark next to the middle option $$.

    Set your budget. You’ll need to purchase electronic credits before you play. Be sure to include POD games in your overall entertainment budget.

  • A finger touches a square icon on the terminal screen.

    Enter your Player ID. Your player ID allows you to log in and out of eBingo player devices at any time.

  • The terminal screen showing a selection of games.

    Choose your game. Your game choices will appear from the main or bingo play screen once you’ve selected the POD button. Select START or PLAY.

  • The terminal screen shows a dollar symbol superimposed over a starburst.

    Claim your prize. If you win, your cash prize is automatically added to your player account.

  • How to Play POD Games in 5 easy steps

    Exit your game. To exit from your game, simply select [Exit] until you return to the main eBingo screen.

1. Set your budget

The costs to play POD games are in addition to regular bingo games. Be sure to include them in your overall entertainment budget so you never spend more than you intend. There’s no guarantee you’ll win so always play with money you can afford to lose.

2. Enter your player ID

One hand holds a receipt with a series of numbers, 2678, while the other hand enters them on the terminal screen.

You’ll need to purchase electronic credits at the point of sale counter before you can play POD games. When you do, you’ll get a receipt with your current electronic credit balance, your player ID, which you can enter along with a password at any eBingo player device. Your Player account maintains your credit balance, allowing you to log in and out of different terminals at any time.


Playing with electronic credits can feel like you’re not spending actual money. Be sure to include these credits in your budget before you play.

3. Choose your game

There are a variety of POD games from which you can choose, including new twists on the traditional bingo game you know and love.

4. Claim your prize

A terminal screen shows a dollar symbol superimposed on a starburst. A stack of dollar bills sits on the table in front of it.

Some POD games offer a progressive jackpot, where the jackpot increases with every play, until someone wins. Other games have a fixed top prize, independent of the number of games played. All winnings are added to your player account balance and are available when you cash out at a point of sale counter.

5. Exit your game

When you’re finished playing, you can exit from the POD screen by selecting [EXIT] until you return to the main screen. Remember, if you log out, you can access your player account by simply entering your player ID and password at any player device.

Playing multiple games at the same time

A terminal screen displays a bingo card and a Play on Demand game.

1. You can choose to play any POD game at the same time as eBingo. While playing a POD game, you can always see the eBingo card closest to a win in the bottom right corner of your screen. To return to the session eBingo screen, press the [return to Bingo] button.

2. Any time one of your eBingo cards is one ball away from a potential Bingo, Your POD game will be paused and you will be returned to the session eBingo screen, so that you can monitor your cards and prepare for a possible win.

3. Resume POD game play by selecting the [return to game] button.