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TAP ’N PLAY Strategies

TAP ’N PLAY games are based on pure chance. That’s part of the thrill. There are no strategies to boost the odds to win, even though many players believe there are. Here are some answers to common questions and helpful tips on ways to play.

Can a TAP ’N PLAY game be due for a win?

That would be great, but no, a game doesn't actually become due for a win. All results are based on an unpredictable bingo game or break open game outcome, depending which type of game you play.

Since no result can be predicted, you never know when there will be a winning outcome.


Continuing to play TAP ’N PLAY because you think you’re due for a win can blow your budget and take the fun out of the game.

A row of three TAP ’N PLAY cabinets

Are certain TAP ’N PLAY devices lucky?

While some players prefer certain devices or game themes, the truth is that TAP ‘N PLAY games are based on pure chance, and nothing players can do will change the outcome. All results are based on either a bingo or break open game outcome, which cannot be predicted or influenced in any way.

Don’t chase your losses

To keep the fun in the game, it’s best not to keep playing to win back lost money. The odds aren’t in favour of it.


No one wins every session they play. Sometimes, after a loss, it’s good to walk away.

Set a time limit

Three series of a check-mark box next to a clock, each set for a different time: 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes. The box next to the clock set for 30 minutes is check marked.

Give yourself a time limit to play so you don’t lose track of time and how much you're spending. Many of the games have clocks on the screen to make it easier to stick to your plan.

Keep your winnings and bankroll separate

Two pockets holding cash - one containing slightly more money than the other.

Keep your initial play amount and your winnings separate; try using different pockets. Only play from your original bankroll and stop once it’s gone. That way, you can walk away from the centre with something in your wallet.