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Instant Games
Instant Games

How To Play

Scratch tickets are games of random chance that could offer instant results or extended fun, whichever way you want to play. Every ticket presents a chance to enjoy the thrill of the instant win.

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5 Easy Steps to Play

  • Set a budget

    Set a budget: Playing Instant Games is fun, but it’s gambling. Treat it as part of your entertainment budget.

  • Choose an Instant ticket

    Choose your scratch ticket: Discover some of the exciting features of the different games here.

  • Scratch your ticket

    Scratch your ticket: Simply scratch to reveal the hidden numbers or symbols and match to win.

  • Check your ticket

    Check your ticket: See if you’ve won. Check at the retailer or use the OLG App. Learn more about ways to check here.

  • Claim your prize

    If you are a winner, claim your prize: Just take your signed ticket to a participating retailer for prizes under $1,000 – before the expiry date on the back of your ticket. Find out more here.

Set A Budget

Playing an Instant ticket is a form of gambling. Treat it as part of your entertainment budget -cash you’d spend on a movie or popcorn.

Scratch tickets are often impulse buys, so it helps to plan in advance how much you’re willing to spend in a week.


Track your spend. It’s easy to lose track, so be sure to know exactly how much you spend and win in a month so you can stay within your budget.


Did you know you can TOP UP any eligible INSTANT ticket for a chance to win a growing jackpot?

Learn more about INSTANT TOP UP

Scratch your ticket

Using a coin to scratch instant ticket sections.

Instant games are simple. Scratch to reveal the ticket’s hidden numbers or symbols and match to win. Instructions on the back of every ticket tell you how it works.

In case of an accidental scratch to the wrong area, a win is still a win. The barcode on every ticket can be scanned to confirm it.

Check Your Ticket

Three different ways to check your ticket: online, using the OLG scanner or on your phone.

After you've scratched the ticket, double check the instructions on the back to see if your ticket is a winner. Scratch the Scratch & Scan area completely to reveal the barcode, scan it using the ticket checker at OLG authorized retailers, or ask a participating retailer to scan it at the lottery terminal. You can also scan it with the OLG App.

Claim Your Prize

For prizes under $1,000, take your signed ticket to a participating retailer who can verify the ticket at the Lottery Terminal.


Yes, the expiry date matters. Check for it on the back of the ticket and be sure to claim any prizes by that date.