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Casino War
Casino War


All’s fair in love and Casino War, except bad manners. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Keep drinks away from the play surface

A drink with ice on a table

This includes not holding your drink over the table felt. When the game gets exciting, you may get jostled and spill and your drink.

A hand with a burst illustration near casino cards

Don’t touch your cards

All cards in Casino War are dealt face up for easy viewing, and to allow the dealer to call out results. There’s no reason for players to pick up or touch their cards.

Leave your chips where they lie

When the dealer calls “no more bets”, that’s your cue to take your hands off your chips. Leave them on the table until the round is over.


A stack of three poker chips are shown. The bottom is shown with three dollar signs, the middle with two and the top with one dollar sign, representing varying chip values.

How to stack your chips

If you decide to make a bet with two different chip values, i.e., a $30 bet made up of a $20 chip and $10 chip, place the higher value chip on the bottom and the lower value chip on top.

: A dealer with a speech bubble

When in doubt, ask for help

If you need help during a game of Casino War, just ask. Dealers are happy to answer basic questions about the game.

While a dealer can answer questions about the rules, they can’t help you make decisions like whether or not to go to War.