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Sic Bo
Sic Bo


Place your bets in timely manner

A stopwatch sits in front of a Sic Bo table.

Sic Bo is a fast-paced game that requires some quick thinking. While you do have time to consider your options when betting, be sure to respect other players’ time by acting in a timely fashion.

Keep your drink off the table

The only thing that really belongs on the Sic Bo table are casino chips. Plus, by not setting your drink down, there’s no risk of a messy spill.

Keep your cool

A penguin stands at the Sic Bo table.

A string of losses can be frustrating. And because a dealer is the person closest to the dice shaker, some players end up blaming them for their results. This is never a good idea. A dealer is not tied to any outcome and is unable to influence whether players win or lose.

Be aware of where you’re standing

At any time, there could be multiple players at a Sic Bo table, and each one will be reaching across the table to place bets. Be aware of those around you and make sure everyone can place their chips where they want.