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Betting on Slots

Betting on a slot machine isn’t always as simple as pushing a button, so let’s take a closer look.

How Betting Affects Your Payout

When playing slots it’s important to know that increasing your bet does not always increase your potential payout. Bet based on your budget, not on an expectation to win.

Button labelled Max Bet

Max Bet

A “max bet” is the largest bet possible. The max bet button lets you automatically bet the maximum number of credits and paylines allowed per spin on the machine – and ensures you’re eligible for the largest possible payout. Be sure to check the paytable before you set your bet.

Slots with Straight Betting Multipliers

Most machines let you increase your bet for a straight multiplication of your winnings. For example, one credit wins $50, two credits wins $100, etc. On these machines, max bet is simply the highest multiplication possible – it won’t lead to an additional bonus amount if you win.

Slots with Bonus Multipliers

Some machines offer an extra incentive to play a max bet. For example, three cherries with one line can win $50, two lines, $100, three lines, $150. But a max bet of five lines can net $500. These games provide a bonus if you win by playing max bet, but doing so will always cost more without a guarantee of winning.

Machine displaying 60 credits and $200 in winnings


Always read the paytables to know what you’re playing for.

Betting and Jackpots

Slot machine releasing coins

The way a slot machine pays out varies by machine. On some, you must bet a minimum number of paylines to even be eligible to win that machine’s jackpot. On others, you could win the jackpot no matter how many paylines you bet.


Always check the paytables or ask a slot attendant to find out whether a maximum bet is needed to qualify for the jackpot. You don’t want to be surprised by a disappointing outcome just because you didn’t know the machine’s betting rules. Plus, it’s always good to know if you could win the top prize with a smaller bet.