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POOLS In-Store

New to sports betting? This is the game for you. With no odds or spreads to consider, POOLS is perfect for beginners looking to learn more about sports betting. When playing POOLS, you’re playing to win all or a portion of a prize pool, the size of which is determined by the number of other players betting on the same events.

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How to play POOLS (In-Store) in 2 easy steps

  • A POOLS selection slip highlights the Card Number area with Card 5 shaded in.

    Mark your card number. For example, to pick Card 5, mark Box 5; to pick Card 25, mark Box 20 and Box 5.

  • A POOLS selection slip highlights the Picks area with Team 2 selected on one of the matchups.

    Make your picks. Mark down who you think will win each of the matchups you’ve selected. You can choose a Single Play or Box Play wager.

1. Mark your card number

A POOLS selection slip highlights the Card Number area with Card 5 shaded in.

The first step to playing POOLS is to pick the events you want to bet on by marking them on your slip. Event Lists are available at retail, on the PROLINE App and on

2. Make your picks

In POOLS, there can be 8-16 matchups per card. Make a prediction for each by filling out a selection slip in-store or creating a betslip through or the PROLINE App to generate a scannable barcode. Teams are listed as either Team 1 or Team 2 and depending on how many you get right, you might win or share a prize pool.

When making your picks, you’ll have two betting options: Single Play or Box Play.

Single Play

A POOLS selection slip focuses on the Single Play area noting that each Single Play is $5.

Single Play is the easiest way to wager on POOLS—simply make a prediction on which of the two teams will win a matchup. If you choose Team 1, that represents the first team listed on the card, Team 2 represents the second team on the card. Simple.

Box Play & How it Works

Box Play is a style of bet where you can pick both teams as the potential winner for up to 4 of your matchups on any one POOLS card. Available for an additional cost on your ticket, Box Play is essentially a premium to guarantee that some of your picks are correct.

Depending on how many Box Plays you choose to make, the cost of your card will increase. See below:

  • Box 1 matchup: $10.
  • Box 2 matchups: $20.
  • Box 3 matchups: $40.
  • Box 4 matchups: $80.


Selecting the box play option increases your chances of winning, but also increases your cost to play. Keep this in mind when considering your play budget.

A POOLS selection slip focuses on the Box Play where Box 1 match 1 up is $10, Box 2 is $20, Box 3 is $40 and Box 4 is $80. The selection slip shows Box 3 shaded in.

Set a play budget

Three spend levels low, medium, and high are shown using dollar signs signifying a player’s budget. The middle option is checked off.

Like any form of gambling, setting a play budget when betting on
sports can be a good idea. It’s always best to bet with money you can afford to lose.

Making in-store POOLS picks on or the PROLINE App

To make your POOLS picks online or through the App, select POOLS, choose the card number you want to bet on and make your selections.

Once you’re happy with your picks, click SAVE BET to create your digital barcode.

To complete your purchase and place your bets, present your saved barcode to an authorized OLG retailer before the cut-off time indicated on the POOLS Card number. (Subject to further announcements by OLG.)

Checking results

There are three ways to check the results of all the games/events you have wagered on:

1. Scan your ticket barcode using the ticket checker at a participating OLG retailer
2. Ask a participating retailer to scan your ticket barcode using the lottery terminal
3. Scan your ticket barcode using the PROLINE App


You can also check general game results (i.e., winning results by event) at

How to win POOLS

To win or share a prize pool, you’ll need to make more correct picks than any other players wagering against a particular card. The size of any prize pool depends on the number of people playing, and the size of their wagers.

Now, sit back, watch the game and cheer on your favourite team!


In sports betting, a “Push” means a result where a player neither wins nor loses a bet. When playing POOLS, ties or postponed games result in an automatic “win” for both outcomes. This means the matchup is considered a “Push” and anyone who bets on the event gets their money back.

Instant payouts

A dollar bill is exchanged between two sets of hands.

Win your card? POOLS payouts less than $1000 can be collected instantly at OLG retailers shortly after the last event on your ticket, within the retailer’s hours. and the PROLINE App let you build bets for POOLS in-store betting. They are different from PROLINE+, OLG’s online sports offering.