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How To Play

TAP ‘N PLAY games are easy to play for the chance to win instant cash prizes and progressive jackpots. It’s fast and fun; there’s no strategy and you can play anytime: before, during or after a bingo session Play TAP ‘N PLAY games at your favourite OLG Charitable Bingo & Gaming Centres.

Check the complete guide on How to play TAP ‘N PLAY.

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The Object of the Game

The object of each TAP ’N PLAY game is to score a winning combination of symbols, which will be presented on the game screen. That’s it.

How TAP ’N PLAY works

TAP ‘N PLAY games provide unpredictable fun and are simple to play: just load up your device with cash or a voucher, select your wager amount, and then tap to see if you win.


All results are based on a bingo or break open game outcome, depending which game you play.  Entertainment display is an animation of the bingo or break open game results and for amusement only.

5 Steps to Play TAP ’N PLAY

  • Dollar signs signifying expense level with a check mark next to the middle option $$.

    Start with a game plan; set a budget in advance and stick to it.

  • An electronic bingo terminal and a TAP ’N PLAY cabinet

    Choose your game: There are different types of TAP ’N PLAY games when it comes to price and prizing: Games with single-priced or multi-priced wagering options, and some offering a progressive jackpot.

  • Checking TAP ’N PLAY pay tables.

    Know what you’re playing for: Before you play, check the game’s rules section to understand its prizes and play features.

  • A dollar sign is on the left of up and down arrows. A hand hovers over the up arrow.

    Set your wager: select the amount you want to wager with each “TAP” and then play.

  • A TAP ’N PLAY cabinet with an electronic bingo terminal has a downward arrow in the middle pointing toward a bank note.

    Cash Out: If you’re playing on a cabinet simply hit “cash out” to print a voucher which you can redeem at the point of sale counter. If you’re playing on an eBingo terminal, any winnings are automatically added to your player account and can also be redeem at the point of sale counter.

1. Start with a game plan

TAP ’N PLAY is exciting, so be sure to have a game plan. You can play anytime – either on TAP ’N PLAY cabinets that are in a separate area from session bingo, or using the eBingo terminals alongside session players.

Dollar Sign

Set a budget

Decide how much you want to spend in advance. Treat this as part of your entertainment budget: money you’d spend on a night out, not expecting to bring it home.

Crossed out credit card

Bring the amount you plan to spend

These games are cash only, so plan around your budget, or use the on-site ATM if needed.

Trophy with a check mark

Set a win limit

It’s no fun to be up and then lose it all. When you’re winning, decide in advance when it’s time to walk away. For example, some players set this at the point when they double their money.

3. Know what you're playing for

Checking TAP ’N PLAY pay tables.

Before you start, check the rules section on the TAP ’N PLAY device to understand the prize amounts, what combination of symbols are displayed when you win, and any bonus or extended play features. The rules button is found on the device’s main screen.


All results are based on either an unpredictable bingo or break open game outcome, so there’s no way to know what happens on your next tap!

4. Set your bet and play

TAP ’N PLAY is easy and fun. Here’s how to play:

1. Load up a cabinet with cash or a voucher, or enter your player ID on an eBingo terminal, and check that the balance displayed is correct.

2. Place or select your bet, which varies by game theme.


Be sure to check the rules section to understand how your bet will influence the prize you can win. Multi-price games which offer a progressive jackpot require a maximum bet to be eligible for the prize.

5. Cashing Out


eBingo Terminal


Simply hit “cash out” to receive a voucher with your balance, then bring it to the point of sale counter.

If you’re lucky to win $1,000 or more, a jackpot voucher will be printed. Simply present it to the cashier for redemption.

eBingo Terminal

When you’re finished playing, select [EXIT] until you return to the main screen. Any winnings are added to your player account balance and are available when you cash out at a point of sale counter.