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Make the most of your play

How to extend your fun

Slow down your rate of play

Slow down your rate of play

Slot machines play at super speed – around 14 spins per minute. The best way to get the most for your money is to take a few breaks. That will extend your play over a greater period of time.

Keep your bets low and avoid max bet

To extend your play time, your best strategy is to make smaller bets and avoid max bet because it can drain your bankroll quickly.

If you do decide to avoid a max bet, be sure you’re not playing a machine that requires a max bet to be eligible for the top prize. Learn more about max bet and how betting affects your payouts.

Ticking clock reveals the longer you play, the more fun you have.


Playing max bet can add up. Max bet on penny or nickel machines can cost more than playing on a dollar machine.

Play machines with more wins but smaller prizes

Play machines with more wins but smaller prizes

  • Machines with bigger jackpots tend to have less frequent payoffs and will deplete your bankroll faster
  • Stick to machines with smaller jackpots but more wins to make your money last longer
  • To get a better understanding of prizing, check paytables or ask a slot attendant

Pace yourself

Keep it slow and enjoy your play – it’s not a race. Take breaks every so often so the fun lasts longer.

Managing Your Money

Don’t chase your losses

Don’t keep gambling to win back lost money. The odds don’t favour it.


No one wins every session they play. Sometimes it’s best to lose a small amount and walk away.

Keep your winnings and bankroll separate

Keep your initial play amount and your winnings separate. Only play from your original bankroll and stop once it’s gone.

Slot Play Calculator

Playing slots can cost you. But how much?
Adjust the settings to reflect your usual style of slot play.


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Want to learn more about how slot machines work?

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Playsmart card

Track your play the easy way

Take advantage of the My PlaySmart tools at OLG Slots at Georgian Downs and Shorelines Casino Belleville to:

  • Set the amount of time you want to play
  • Set the amount of money you plan to spend
  • Get on-screen notifications of the time and money you’ve spent throughout your play session

Check out the easy way to keep an eye on your play.

Watch the MyPlaySmart video

Two hands giving a high five.

Buddy up

  • Grab a friend and go to the slots with an agreement to only spend a certain amount. Keep each other honest
  • Plan to stop each other from going over the limit