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In sports betting, a market is a term for the type of outcome you’re going to bet on. The three main markets for PROLINE In-Store are: Moneyline, Point Spread and Over/Under. You can bet on these markets in new, more convenient ways, combining them into one bet for a simpler in-store transaction. Here’s how the markets work:

Two teams are shown against each other.


Moneyline is all about picking who will win an event. For most Moneyline markets, there is an underdog and a favourite team. Bets on the favourite team pay out less if they win, since that is the expected outcome. Bets on the underdog payout more if they win since that outcome is less likely.


Odds for PROLINE (In-Store) are set using algorithms that are based on a range of factors including industry odds and overall betting action, and they’re monitored by a team of sports analysts. You bet with, or against those odds. The decimal odds you see in a Moneyline matchup are based on each team’s expected probability of winning. Using decimal odds, the team with the higher number is the underdog, and the lower number is the favourite. To calculate your potential payout, simply multiply your wager by the decimal figure for the bet in question.

An event list table shows examples of different Markets odds and payouts where Team 1 is Toronto and Team 2 is Utah. The highlighted example on the far left is for the Moneyline market, where Team 1 has the odds of 4.20 and Team 2 has the odds of 1.22.

In this example, a $10 bet on the underdog (Toronto) would return $42 (including the original bet) if they won the game. A $10 bet on the favourite (Utah) would return $12.20 (including the original bet) if they won. It doesn’t cost anything to cheer for the underdog, but betting on them is a different matter.


For new markets available at PROLINE In-Store, check or the PROLINE App (providing online support for PROLINE In-Store). and the PROLINE App let you build bets for PROLINE in-store betting. They are different from PROLINE+, OLG’s online sports offering.