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People who like craps, like it a lot. This is why this popular game has developed equally fast-paced variations with innovative betting options and nuances.

Crapless Craps

Currently offered in select Ontario casinos, Crapless Craps offers all the excitement of traditional craps with a couple of game-changing exceptions:

1. No bets lose on a new shooter’s first roll, aka the come-out roll.
2. Any number rolled on the come-out roll becomes the “point”, unless the number is a 7.

Want more info on shooters, come-out rolls, or what the “point” is? Check out the traditional version of craps.

How is it played?

How is it played?

Crapless Craps is played on a standard craps table and follows craps rules with a few key differences:

1. A loss isn’t possible on a shooter’s first roll of the dice, aka the come-out roll. Rather, any bet placed on the come-out roll will either win or “push” to the next roll.

2. The “point” can be made by any number on the come-out roll, except for a 7. In traditional craps, there are fewer numbers that can establish the point.

3. “Pass Line bets” lose if the shooter rolls an 11. A Pass Line bet is a bet that a shooter will win on their come-out roll. If the shooter wins, a Pass Line bet wins. If a shooter loses, a Pass Line bet loses.

4. “Don’t Pass bets” are not permitted. In traditional craps, a Don’t Pass bet is a bet that a shooter will lose on their come-out roll.

Once the game moves past the come-out roll, it’s craps as usual.

Two dice bouncing off the back wall of the craps table.


Crapless Craps is a fast-paced game that can burn through your play budget quickly. Taking the occasional play break can help extend your fun.