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A market is sportsbook term for the type of outcome you’re going to bet on. Moneyline, Point Spread, Totals, Props—these are all different markets that revolve around different outcomes: who will win? Will the favourite beat the spread or will the underdog cover? Will the game go over or under a certain point total? Will my team win the tipoff? Different ‘markets’ let you bet on different things. Here are the most popular markets on PROLINE+:

A balancing scale is shown with an “O” outweighing the “U”.


An Over/Under is a bet on whether the total score of a game will be over or under a certain number. You’ll sometimes see them called “Total” Bets. Some Prop Bets can also take the form of Over/Unders. For example, betting on whether a football running back will deliver over or under a total amount of rushing yards.


PROLINE+ odds are set using algorithms that are based on a range of factors including in-game activity and overall betting action, and they’re monitored by a team of sports analysts. You bet with, or against those odds. The decimal odds you see in an Over/Under matchup are based on the expected likelihood of each outcome happening.

OVER 50.5
UNDER 50.5

The odds for this matchup are 50/50 because either outcome is just as likely. If the total score goes over the assigned Over/Under score, a $10 bet on “Over” returns $19.10 (including the original bet). If it stays under the assigned score, a $10 bet on “Under” returns $19.10 (including the original bet).


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