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A market is sportsbook term for the type of outcome you’re going to bet on. Moneyline, Point Spread, Totals, Props—these are all different markets that revolve around different outcomes: who will win? Will the favourite beat the spread or will the underdog cover? Will the game go over or under a certain point total? Will my team win the tipoff? Different ‘markets’ let you bet on different things. Here are the most popular markets on PROLINE+:

A hand tosses a coin.


Proposition or “Prop” Bets are like a game within a game. This market category refers to any market that lets you bet on things that happen during a game or event. These might be specific actions of whole teams, how a single player might perform, etc.—not just who wins. In football, a Prop Bet could be on who wins the coin toss. In baseball, it could be whether the home team hits a home run. In hockey or soccer, you could bet on whether the goalie gets a shut-out.

Prop Bets are sometimes made as a yes/no, or either/or choice. They also often intersect with other betting factors including point totals, or periods of time. Will a baseball team score a home run in the 7th inning? Is the total score going to be even or odd? Which football player will score the first touchdown? These are all possible Prop Bets.


PROLINE+ odds are set using algorithms that are based on a range of factors including in-game activity and overall betting action, and they’re monitored by a team of sports analysts. You bet with, or against those odds. The decimal odds you see in a Prop Bet matchup are based on the expected likelihood of the action happening. The outcome with the higher number is the underdog. The outcome with the lower number is the favourite. Payouts are calculated by multiplying your bet amount by the decimal figure for each bet. Take a look at this hockey example, “Will there be overtime?”:


The odds here reflect that the game shouldn’t go into overtime. If it does, a $10 bet on ‘yes’ would return $32 (including the original bet). If it doesn’t, a $10 bet on ‘no’ would return $13.30 (including original bet). The less likely the outcome, the greater the risk, and the greater the reward if it takes place.


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