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A sportsbook is a website or location where you can bet on sporting events. It lists all available games and events, markets, odds, and bet types. Here’s how it works on web and the PROLINE App.


The new PROLINE+ online sportsbook lets you wager on a selection of new games, new sports, and live betting options – from your desktop, mobile or the app. Whether you’re betting on the PROLINE+ website or app, you’ll find a global selection of sports and competitions, including football, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, MMA, boxing, golf, car racing, and Novelty events like award shows.


Want to bet on more than one sport? No problem. You can choose multiple sports on your selection slip or bet slip.


  • A checked box to the left of a basketball, representing a player choosing a sport and league.

    The new PROLINE+ lets you choose up to 10 sports & novelty events, with more sports coming online in the future. Live-streaming games are also now available.

  • Three rows of boxes alongside three rows of basketball player versus another basketball player representing rival teams from different games or events. The third box is checked off.

    Choose a game or event: make Moneyline bets (which team will win) on any of the games, or select a game event page for additional betting options, called “markets”.

  • A basketball player vs. another basketball player. Underneath each basketball player is a box. The box to the right is checked off.

    Select a market(s): place bets on the outcome of an entire game, a period within a game, specific team, or individual participant.

  • A basketball player is shown alongside another basketball player. Below the icons are two boxes that are both checked off, signifying players can make more than one bet at a time.

    Choose your bet type: Single Bets, Parlay Bets, or System Bets. Available bet types can be viewed at PROLINE+ or on the PROLINE App.


Reading a betting line is a key component to understanding what you’re betting on. Whether you’re playing PROLINE+ on web or the PROLINE App, the way it works is the same: each market will have associated odds, shown in green. These indicate which betting option is more likely to win, and what the payout will be if it does. Decimal odds are the default for PROLINE+. Keep reading to see how they work.


Change PROLINE+ settings to fractional or American odds depending on your preference.

Decimal Betting Odds
The decimal figure on a betting line, e.g.: 1.35 or 3.3, lets you know whether you’re betting on the favourite or the underdog. It’s also the value used to calculate your potential payout. With 3.3 odds, a winning $10 bet returns $33 (including the original bet).


  • The higher number odds value is assigned to the underdog, or the less likely outcome. Since it’s less likely to occur, the payout is greater if it does. It’s considered a riskier bet for a higher potential reward.
  • The lower number reflects the favourite, or the more likely outcome. Since it’s more likely to occur, the payout is less. It’s a safer bet with a lower potential reward.

Learn more about odds open in a new window


Whether you’re looking to bet on a single game or a number of outcomes, PROLINE+ offers thousands of options in multiple markets. Watch these videos to learn how to build a bet on PROLINE+.

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With PROLINE+ you can place “pre-match bets” before a game’s scheduled start time, or “live bets” while a game is underway.

When you place a live bet, you’re placing a bet on a game that’s already started. Since the game is underway, you’re working with “dynamic odds”, meaning the odds may change as the event plays out. For example, if a team’s star player is injured mid-game, the odds of a Moneyline bet may change for the worse. Once you’ve placed a bet on a live game or event, your bet is locked in at whatever the odds were at the time.

If part way through a game, a player expects their bet to lose, they can opt to “Cash Out”. This gives them the chance of a reduced payout, or to get part of their original bet back.


Only pre-match bets qualify for a Combiboost, a bonus multiplier on Parlays with four or more picks, and when all other bet requirements are met.

Learn about dynamic odds


Three spend levels low, medium, and high are shown using dollar signs signifying a player’s budget. The middle option is checked off.

Before risking money gambling, establish a bankroll you’re comfortable playing with. Base your budget on how much you’ll spend on bets for any given week or month, and call it quits if you hit it. Also remember to avoid chasing losses or trying to win back what you’ve lost by going deeper into your pocket, as you’re likely to lose even more.


Avoid overspending with a Sports Spend Limit for PROLINE+, one of the My PlaySmart Tools offered through


Three wager levels low, medium, and high are shown using a varying stacks of bank notes. The middle option is checked off.

With PROLINE+, bets start at $0.10 so you can play within your budget. The maximum amount that can be wagered can vary by sport, league, or market, so keep your bankroll in mind when deciding how much to bet.


All sports are unpredictable, and sometimes a game doesn’t play out as expected. In some cases, players can “Cash Out” their bets before a game or event ends. This gives them the chance at a reduced payout, or getting a portion of their money back.

For example, if someone thinks their $10 bet is going to lose for sure, they could potentially Cash Out to get $7 back, losing $3 instead of $10.



From time to time, one of your picks might be “voided” based on circumstances beyond your control, like a game being cancelled or rained out. This doesn’t mean you lose that bet. If it were a Single Bet, you’d get your money back. If one of your picks in a Parlay or System Bet is voided, the ticket is recalculated as if it never included the voided selection.


Parlays of 4 or more receive a Combiboost bonus multiplier. If one or more voided selections reduce your Parlay to 3 picks, it will no longer be eligible for Combiboost.



In sports betting, a “Push” means a result where a player neither wins nor loses a bet. In a “Moneyline” market, a Push would occur when the result is a tie, and no tie option was offered. In a Point Spread market, it is when the favourite (identified with a “-”) wins by exactly the spread, or the underdog (identified with a “+”) loses by exactly the spread (e.g., if the Spread is -3.0 and the favourite wins by exactly three).

In an Over/Under market, it is when the total points are exactly the Over/Under Line. In the event of a Push, a Selection will be marked as Void.


Find out how to make bets on some of the most popular sports by selecting on the buttons below: