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Rather than compete with the other players at the table, Novelty poker games pit you against the dealer or a pay table. Some of the rules and pay tables may vary slightly by casino, but each game has its own unique spin on the poker classics.

Letters “B & R” have four cards in front of it with four cards each from a different suit.

Big Raise Poker

Modelled after Mississippi Stud, Big Raise Poker gives players only one opportunity to raise. So, what’s the big deal? That raise can be up to 4x the Ante. Boom.

Object of the Game

In Big Raise Poker, the idea is to win bets based on the strength of a five-card poker hand. Players must make their best hand from three personal cards and two community cards. Here’s how it works.


Skill factors in Big Raise Poker to some degree, but there’s no way around the fact that the odds of the game are dependent on random draws from a shuffled deck of cards. The next card up is impossible to predict.

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