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Rather than compete with the other players at the table, Novelty poker games pit you against the dealer or a pay table. Some of the rules and pay tables may vary slightly by casino, but each game has its own unique spin on the poker classics.

A letter “F” is shown with four cards all with spades on them.

High Card Flush

High Card Flush is an exciting poker variant that pits players against the dealer, rather than against other players. The game is based on the ranking of “flush” hands, where all cards are in the same suit—either clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds.

Object of the Game

Win the pot by making a flush that beats the dealer’s hand.

Know the hands

Four cards are shown: an Ace, 2, 3 and 4 of diamonds.

Understanding the hands of High Card Flush is relatively straightforward. The game scores either the flush with the most cards in it, or the higher-ranking flush of two similarly sized flushes. For example, a four-card flush of a K-Q-J-10 beats a four-card flush made of a 10-9-8-7

An “exception” to this can occur if there is an Ace involved since Aces are high and the game follows standard flush rules. For example, a flush of K-Q-J-10 will lose to a flush of A-2-3-4.

The Dealer’s Hand

After the final round of betting, the dealer must have at least a three-card flush containing a nine or higher to qualify.

If the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify:

The player wins their Ante bet. If they made a bonus bet, it pushes to the next round.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies:

It is compared to the player’s hand.

  • If the player has a flush with more cards than the dealer, their Ante and raise bets pay even money (x1)
  • If the player and dealer have flushes with the same number of cards, but the player’s flush contains higher value cards, bets are pushed to the next round.
  • If the dealer has either the flush with the most cards or the higher-ranking flush, the player loses all bets and the round ends.


A calculator is shown with cards of every suit fanning out from it.

Like all poker games, the odds in High Card Flush depend on the random distribution of cards from a deck. Only fate decides how they’ll fall.

Want to know how poker odds work?

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While you can’t control the randomness of the cards, these tips can help reduce your losses or improve your chances:

  • Fold on any three-card flush if the high card is lower than nine.
  • Make the maximum call wager on any three-card flush with a high card of ten or better.