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Rather than compete with the other players at the table, Novelty poker games pit you against the dealer or a pay table. Some of the rules and pay tables may vary slightly by casino, but each game has its own unique spin on the poker classics.

A letter “M” with a map of Mississippi in the background is shown with four cards, each from a different suit.

Mississippi Stud

Mississippi Stud is a five-card poker variation that pits you against a pay table rather than against the dealer. It also offers the chance at a 500 to 1 payout! Here’s how it works.

Object of the Game

Win the pot by making the best five-card hand possible using a combination of personal and community cards. The game is played by either betting or folding each time a new card is revealed.

Pay table

A double arrow points at a pay table and some cards.



Royal flush
500 to 1

Straight flush
100 to 1

Four of a kind
40 to 1

Full house
10 to 1

6 to 1

4 to 1

Three of a kind
3 to 1

Two pair
2 to 1

Pair of Jacks or better
1 to 1

Pair of 6s to 10s

Anything else


A calculator is shown with cards of every suit fanning out from it.

While some skill is involved in determining whether or not to bet or fold, Mississippi Stud is a game of chance based on the random distribution of cards. On average, the better the hand, the better your odds of winning.

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